Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Library Rule Incident

December 2nd morning, Mrs. Hagwood had an announcement to make in the library. She had spoken about having over 100 students in her library during lunch. The school had decided to create a policy on having only 45 students enter the library, as long as they signed up for a slip of paper with their name written. This new policy will be begin on December 3rd.
On rainy December 3rd, crowds of students surrounded the entrance of the library.“I don’t like it. We just sign up for a tiny sheet and we hand it away. We can’t even reuse our tickets, so I think it’s bad for the Earth because we would waste paper.” said a seventh grader, Justin with a wild-eyed expression. Many other students were shocked and disliked the policy. “What if we don’t know if we need to use the library?” said a girl. 6th graders soon found out about the policy and had devastated looks on their faces. Those 6th graders couldn't enter the library, so they stayed in the restricted library quad. Mr. Blum only let them linger in the quad for one day because the sky had stopped sprinkling droplets of water.
Monday, December 8th, Mr. Blum altered the policy for the library again. The new policy was whoever comes in the library first, will be able to bide in the library. “I guess we’ll have to eat quicker than we eat regularly.” said an eighth grader, Samantha. She had looked withering and kicked her feet in the air. Students thought this was a lot easier than the first policy they were given.
The next day, students glowered. There had been a new policy that was never mentioned. For this new policy, students would need to hand their student ID cards to a woman that managed the library, while Mrs. Hagwood was nowhere in sight. Most students bailed out of the library and ended up doing their business in the main quad. Others would fetch their IDs in their lockers.
December 11th, it seemed that the policies had been terminated and students were just allowed to enter the library, just like before. There were less students wandering around the library. Students were sitting down doing activities, such as playing with Legos, board games, reading, or doing art projects.
As of today, will more policies be created in the future? Where would students be able to hang out if all the tables are full or it’s crowded in the main quad? What more outrage will the library get?

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